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1. Linke tıklayın 5 Saniye sonra geç butonuna basın.
2. Geçtikten ve uygulamayı indirdikten sonra indirilenlerden apkyı kurun.
3. Güvenlik uyarısı verirse dış kaynaktan yüklemeye izin vermeyi unutmayın.


Rakipsiz three-D grafikler, mükemmel taktik kontroller ve gerçekçi oyun. Bu oyunda gerçek tenis sporlarının eğlencesini yaşayın!
Dünyadaki tüm tenis oyunları hayranları için Tenis Açık Turnuvası, Tenis Açık Şampiyonası cep telefonunuza parmakla kaydırarak eğlence getiriyor! En popüler Grand Slam turnuvalarının tüm tenis oyunlarını oynayın. Bu tenis oyununda dünyanın en iyi tenis oyuncusu olmak.

Tennis Open Tournament offers speedy and fluid control mode: swipe your finger to hit or slice the ball. The recreation provides a huge variety of particular players to select from and let you steer your favored player to fulfillment in the 4 Grand Slam tournaments. It appears like playing the actual tennis game. FEEL THE PASSION NOW!
Tennis Open Tournament,the most sensible 3-D tennis sport on cell with unequalled three-D pictures, tactical controls, and sensible gameplay.

Tennis Open Tournament Feature:
• Realistic animations, cautiously reproduced in the game the use of motion capture era, help you analyze all of the photographs used in present day tennis: the slice, lob, top spin, and many others.

• 18 kinds of courts: hard, clay, grass, carpet and even hardwood. Each floor impacts the gambling situations.

• Create your player and enjoy a career worth of a expert: schooling, tournaments, body of workers control, system purchases, and so on.

• Decide what strategy to adopt for every suit and use your ability playing cards to defeat your combatants.

• Challenge your friends in PVP recreation mode

Tennis is a racket game that may be played in my opinion towards a single opponent (singles) or between groups of two gamers every (doubles). Each participant uses a tennis racket this is strung with twine to strike a hollow rubber ball included with felt over or around a net and into the combatants courtroom. The item of the sport is to maneuver the ball in any such manner that the opponent isn’t able to play a valid go back. The participant who is unable to return the ball will no longer benefit a point, while the alternative participant will.
Tennis Open Tournament starts offevolved with a coin toss to determine which player must serve first and which facet they want to serve from.
The server must then serve each factor from alternative aspects on the base line. At no factor should the server’s ft pass in front of the baseline on the courtroom prior to hitting their serve.
If the server fails to get their first serve in they will take advantage of a 2nd serve. If they again fail to get their 2nd serve in then a double fault will be called and the point lost.
If the server clips the internet but the ball goes within the service vicinity still then allow is known as and that they get to take that serve once more without penalty. If the ball hits the internet and fails to head inside the service place then out is known as and that they lose that serve.
The receiver might also stand in which they wish upon receipt of the serve. If the ball is struck with out the serve bouncing then the server will get hold of the factor.
Once a serve has been made the quantity of pictures among the players can be unlimited. The point is received by way of hitting the ball so the opponent fails to return it within the scoring regions.
Points are awarded in ratings of 15, 30 and forty. 15 represent 1 point, 30 = 2 and 40 = three. You need 4 factors to win a recreation. If a recreation lands on 40-40 it’s called deuce. From deuce a participant needs to win 2 consecutive factors to win the game. After triumphing one factor from deuce they player is on advantage. If the player wins the next point they win the game, if they lose it goes again to deuce.To win the set a participant need to win 6 games via 2 or extra.


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