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Do you have got the abilties to steer a clan of sneaky however fluffy kitties to paradise, in which infinite fish is already ready? Cats Empire is the precise blend of approach and simulation games, where you aim at taking over Whiskertown in PvP mode! Cat vs cat and clan vs. Extended family! Will you create a strong extended family of hairy cats in order to take you to the peak of the leaderboard?

Raid other clans to take their fish and souls, then head again for your tribe. Heal your kitties and experience some stolen fish. Upgrade your plushy predators to enhance their character capabilities, accumulate and craft gadgets to enhance your tribe’s strength and soon you will be going for walks the display in the concrete jungle!

Individualize the abilties of every plushy cat. Some cats you may want to train as stealthy fish-stealing machines. Others you will mod into fearless attackers who will convey home souls to grow your tribe. You can even move-breed your kitties to create a clan of effective exquisite cats with the approach and abilities you need to succeed. Strategy is the call of the game while you are clawing your way to the summit of the leaderboard!

You will want to be a cunning cat commander to hold your furballs preventing suit. Brace your self for some challenging boss fights, free up new regions to discover, and find out new clans to loot! There is continually a brand new extended family at the block, so that you will need to protect what’s yours to assert your region as king on the pinnacle of CATS EMPIRE!

Clever mix of Match-3 and Puzzle video games: With the right processes you may survive the struggle within the city jungle. But most effective the neatest fish thieves will live on! Grab your mobile and look after your plushy cat tribe.

Do you have got the superior reflexes and competencies needed to lead your fish thieves via the puzzle-ridden backyards of mysterious Whiskertown?

Give your tribe individuals individual talents, crossbreed them and lift your personal plushy predators! But warning: If you don now not care enough, you may lose them forever.

You will simplest be strong when you have pals. Found your personal plushy cat empire and shape a dangerous army of pussycat cats. Loot your neighbours and become the boss of Whiskertown’s backyards.

Grow your cat tribe and be the wise leader of your sneaky but plushy cat extended family. Do so by means of accumulating fish, charms and ability factors to enhance your extended family’s strength. Lead your cat tribe and end up top of the notch!

Win treasured in-sport prizes in international tournaments and reach the pinnacle of the fish tower. Every competition lasts for seventy two hours. The right urge for food for fish and charms will lead you out of the whale’s belly to the top of the fish throne. You determine whether you want to move down this street on my own or in a clan along with your pals.

Collect ability points, upgrade your sneaky cats and crossbreed them to get even greater cute super cats! Your cat tribe will quickly include indisputable hero cats.

Items, fish and souls – Cats are busy gatherers and thieves and development is made with the right plunder. Steal them from your friends or grasp mysterious backyards. Every a hit assault grants you ability factors or souls on your storage.

Play solo against whole Whiskertown and loot your associates or be part of alliances along with your pals and celebrate a hostile takeover. Play on Facebook and collaborate with different plushy predators.

???? Create and manage the final cat tribe
???? Lead your extended family into battles
???? Develop sneaky strategies and techniques
???? Cross-breed your cats to create super cats
???? Beat tough bosses
???? Unlock extraordinary areas 
???? Complete quests
???? Compete towards clans global
???? Conquer the global leaderboard

quot;Cats Empirequot; is a unfastened-to-play multiplatform game. Play with your buddies on Facebook or for your cellular device. You will most effective survive the competition for fish and charms with the proper approach and by studying the specific blend of poser and simulation.



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