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We are the destiny of gaining knowledge of: equipping people with knowhows.
Augmented Tribe is a web mastering platform centered on supporting inexperienced persons accumulate new abilties or knowhows whilst getting things carried out with the guide of specialists. All our applications on Augmented Tribe are outcome and project primarily based as you convey a actual existence undertaking and paintings towards a particular final results. Augmented Tribe is likewise collaborative and social as you learn and progress running along with your groups and way to the aid of your friends and specialists. We supply an intuitive self pace, on call for, applied and collaborative studying enjoy thru our cell app. Learn and get things completed from everywhere, at any time, at your personal pace.
We believe that learning is much less about the know-how and extra about the knowhow i.E. The way to practice this know-how in practice. We also trust that getting to know is social and collaborative, getting to know from friends and individualising getting to know thanks to professionals. Finally we accept as true with getting to know is continuous and existence-long and goal that will help you stay related together with your learning Tribe through the years.


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